SABR Privacy Policy

SABR’s Privacy Promise.

SABR is built on mutual trust, respect, and community. At SABR, we carefully limit the amount of information we collect to the minimum needed for us to provide you with a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. We do not sell any of our Members' information to third parties for any reason. 

This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect, how it is used, and your options regarding how your information is handled.

What information we collect and why

SABR collects:

* Information you provide when creating your account, which may include your name, email address, phone number, password, address, or payment information.

* Information generated through the use of the SABR app, including your location, dates, times and frequency of usage, your bookings and booking history, and device information.

* Information you may choose to provide through optional surveys, suggestions, or feedback.

* While using the website or mobile application, we collect information on page views, popular pages, actions taken (like clicks, taps, and swipes), crashes, and performance data like page load times and general application responsiveness.

* In some cases we collect information while using the website or mobile application via common methods like cookies, pixel beacons or tags. These methods allow us to recognize repeat visits so we can understand trends and patterns in website and application usage.

* For Tennis Centers, we collect information including the name and address of the Tennis Center, the number and types of courts it offers, its hours of operation, usage of its courts, pricing for court bookings, special events and other such operational information needed in the provision of our services.

How We Use Your Information

SABR uses the information it collects exclusively to provide a convenient, enjoyable, and mutually rewarding experience in using our services. We do not under any circumstances sell your personal information to or share it with third parties for any reason. 

SABR uses information to:

* Recognize who you are when accessing and using the SABR service, so that we may offer courts that are near you, and allow you to book courts.

* To evaluate the popularity, usefulness, and benefits provided by the services we offer, so that we can seek to learn and continually improve from the experience of and feedback from our SABR members.

* Safely, accurately, and reliably process payments made for booking courts as may be required based on the policies and pricing schedules of participating Tennis Centers. This includes verification of your identity and payment authorization for the protection of our members and Tennis Centers.

* To communicate with our members from time to time to announce various events and activities, like application maintenance and related down-times, if any; new features and functions designed to improve your experience; or special promotions or events offered by Tennis Centers or other parties like merchants who offer tennis equipment, apparel, and other such goods and services which may be of interest to our members.

* To provide helpful customer support by enabling us to better understand any issues you may be having in the use of the applications, or any history of reported problems or other feedback based on your experience.

Cookies and Beacons

Cookies are small sequences of digits which are stored on your web browser or mobile device. When you use your computer’s web browser or mobile device to access our website or mobile application, our systems are able to read the cookie digits in your browser or device. This information is extremely helpful to us in providing the best possible experience for our users.

Beacons are similar to cookies in that they are typically small sequences of digits used to identify and characterize information about browsers or devices that are accessing a website, mobile application, email, or other web object like images or advertisements. Beacons generally execute a small program often called a script when it detects a browser or device accessing a page, screen, image, or other such object. Execution of this script causes the information regarding the web browser or device to be sent to a database to help recognize, characterize and understand the properties and usage patterns of the web browser or device being used.

Cookies and Beacons are meant to serve mutually beneficial purposes. Ultimately, cookies and beacons help us confirm or authenticate the identify and account information of our SABR users. This information also allows us to remember information about your usage, like your booking history which you can access and reference. It allows us to generate and provide you with booking confirmations, and enables us to provide information to Tennis Centers regarding which courts are booked by whom on what dates and at what times. 

By being able to recognize users, we are better able to understand overall usage trends, like the frequency and duration of usage by our members individually or in the aggregate. This allows us to understand the volume of usage as compared to the available capacity of our systems, so we may plan to expand system capacity to accommodate increasing usage. It also helps us understand usage volume by season, or month, week, day of week, hours of the day, and so on so we can anticipate and accommodate peaks and valleys in usage patterns. 

The information also allows us to help Facilities understand and adjust to the demand for court bookings relative to the available of their courts. For example, if a Tennis Center has available courts on certain days, and knows that demand for courts exceeds the supply of courts during adjacent periods, the Tennis Center is able to notify players of available options.

Sharing of Information

SABR shares information it collects with various parties in order to provide its services for our users. For example, when a user books a court, the name and contact information of the user is shared with the Tennis Center. If a user pays for a booking, the transaction information, including the user’s identity and payment information is shared with a third-party secure transaction processor. If a member belongs to an HOA or private membership only Tennis Club, we provide additional information as may be required to authenticate the user’s membership in the HOA or Club, including name, membership ID, and/or street address. 

SABR may also shares information like member names and emails with Tennis Centers who may wish to promote availability of courts to members who live near and/or have a history of booking courts at or near the Tennis Center. SABR may also send messages or communications to its members on behalf of third-party retailers wish to offer promotional messages, coupons, specials, or other such advertisements to all or various subsets of the SABR user community based on certain characteristics like geographic location, facilities frequented, frequency of play, and so forth.

SABR may, if and as required or requested by Tennis Centers, share information regarding court bookings with other players. This generally pertains to sharing information among members of a private membership only Tennis Club or HOA only Tennis Center. In such cases, users may be enabled to see the name and contact information of players who have booked a court at certain times. Some Tennis Centers may do this in order to allow players to see, for example, whether a team captain has booked a court for a team match. In such cases, only the first name and last name initial, along with phone number and/or email is shared, and only for purposes of facilitating the visibility of booking information for purposes of enhancing player experience and court utilization.

Other Parties Who May Have Access to the Information

In the course of providing its services, SABR works with other vendors and partners who play a variety of roles that are essential to the operation of SABR’s applications and systems. For example, application and software designers and developers; cloud services providers who  operate and maintain SABR’s technical facilities and infrastructure (including web servers, databases, mapping systems, and transaction processing systems); service or application analysts, consultants, and business advisors who help ensure we are providing the best possible experiences while adhering to best practices in the provision of such services and related security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

Retention and Disposing of Information

SABR retains information it collects only for so long as it is required to do so by law, for tax purposes, insurance requirements, statutory requirements, or other such obligations. In order to meet such requirements, SABR retains information for seven years; after which we either delete or fully anonymize the information so that it is no longer identifiable by or connected to individuals. SABR also retains user information for so long as such user remains a member of SABR Tennis.

Any member or user of SABR Tennis may request, at any time, that their account information and associated personally identifiable information be deleted. Upon such request, SABR will delete such information that it is not required to maintain. If SABR is required to maintain any such information, we will restrict access to and use of the information, and ensure its safekeeping in accordance with application regulations.

Users may request deletion of their accounts at any time. Following such request, Uber deletes the information that it is not required to retain, and restricts access to or use of any information it is required to retain.